Our close-knit team has diverse technical, leadership, and speaking skills with a human touch

P S Balasubramanyam

Founder and Chief Mentor

Mr. Balasubramanyam is a qualified Chartered Accountant (FCA), and a member of the British Institute of Management, U.K. Balasubramanyam has held senior positions in the Insurance Industry and FMCG business sector in India, Europe, and in several countries in the Gulf region. He has over 40 years of financial experience, specializing in the areas of management consulting, strategy formulation, cost management, and financial management. About two decades ago, he launched his own consulting and audit practice in Bahrain and has been a trusted advisor to several entities in the Kingdom. 

Apart from establishing Assure Consulting, he has served as the Chairman of the Bahrain Chapter of the Institute of Chartered  Accountants of India(BCICAI) and is the current Vice-Chairman of the Bahrain India Society (BIS). He is also an executive committee member of the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF).

Arun Balu Pazhayannur

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mr. Arun Balu is a Chartered Accountant and Engineer from India and an MBA from Ivey Business School in Canada. Mr. Arun Balu has held various senior positions in retail and corporate verticals in banks and as a strategy consultant in multinational advisory firms. He has expertise in Strategy, Risk, and Financial Advisory. With over a decade’s experience in consulting and financial services, his core skills include analysis of data and structuring content, preparing financial models, and designing operating models. 

Arun enjoys excelling in speaking and leadership skills and empowering others to do so. He is the President of Comfortably Toastmasters Club, Canada since 2021 and was previously the President of the Toastmasters Club in Ivey Business School (2018-19).

scaledd_0009_Arun Krishnamoorthy
Arun Krishnamoorthy Manager- Advisory
A qualified chartered accountant and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Arun has developed core expertise in risk advisory, information technology, and strategy formulation.

Arun is a biology student who wanted to enlist in the navy ventured into biochemistry and computer science but ultimately found himself as a successful chartered accountant five years later!
scaledd_0002_Lekha Manoharan
Lekha Manoharan Manager- Accounts
A science graduate, Lekha is a CA article and has 20+ years of finance and accounting experience.
scaledd_0008_Rekha Satheesh
Rekha Satheesh Executive Secretary to M.D
A computer science diploma and commerce graduate, Rekha is an experienced human capital and administrative professional and an integral part of Assure.

Rekha enjoys teaching her son maths!
scaledd_0007_Sreejisha MK
Sreejisha MK Consultant
A commerce graduate and postgraduate diploma holder in computer applications, Sreejisha has 10+ years of finance and accounting experience.

Sreejisha is a travel enthusiast who wants to cover the world someday!
scaledd_0006_Vinti Shahani
Vinti Shahani Consultant
A Masters in Finance & Accounts from the UK, Vinti is experienced in risk advisory and financial due diligence.

While pursuing her masters, Vinti worked part-time at a fast food joint.
scaledd_0001_Bineesh KB
Bineesh KB Consultant
A Commerce graduate, Bineesh is an accounting professional with skills in human capital advisory.

Bineesh is a skillful mimicry artist who can imitate several celebrities.
scaledd_0000_Sayli Tawde
Sayli Tawde Consultant
A qualified Chartered Accountant, Certified Management Accountant (CMA), International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) diploma, and commerce graduate, Sayli specializes in financial budgeting, structured financial analysis, risk and accounting.

Sayli loves reading and wraps up her day with a novel.
scaledd_0004_Aishwarya Ajith
Aishwarya Ajith Consultant
A Commerce graduate, Aishwarya completed her CA articleship and is skilled in risk advisory and policy formulation.

Aishwarya enjoys baking and cooking up desserts, especially for the cake batter!
scaledd_0003_Amson Mathew
Amson Mathew Consultant
A Master of Commerce graduate, Amson is developing expertise in internal audit and risk assessment.

Amson currently homes two dogs and hopes to adopt 10 pets!
scaledd_0005_Anupama Raghavan
Anupama Raghavan Consultant
A qualified Chartered Accountant and commerce graduate, Anupama has developed her skills in audit, finance, and data analysis.

Anupama enjoys drawing and is also a language enthusiast - currently learning Arabic.
Shivali Sreekumar
Shivali Sreekumar Consultant
A commerce graduate, Shivali completed her CA articleship and has experience in taxation and risk advisory.

Shivali is a fitness enthusiast
Nalini Nayak Consultant
Bachelor's in Psychology and Masters in Human Resources Management from Canada, Nalini is a talent acquisition specialist.

Nalini is a state-level swimmer with sea swimming experience!