Led the ideation, funding, and profitable operationalization of a leading multi speciality hospital



Establishment of a Hospital requires extensive research, planning, coordination, collaborating with partners, sourcing funds, and executing on the vision. A specialized doctor had a dream to achieve this feat, starting out with just bare land. We were asked to make this a reality, from concept to completion.


We led the preparation of the feasibility study, hiring of doctors, nurses, and operations staff, negotiation, and assisting with capital (loan, equity) sourcing. The right shareholders were brought in and the hospital was established within the approved budget. 20 million dollars of funding was obtained within three months and the hospital was up and running in eight months.


The hospital is today among the market leaders in the Kingdom. We provided our continued support to the organization until successful operationalization and declaration of dividends by the entity. Owing to our services provided, we were also appointed as Internal Auditors of the entity.