Strategic Planning

Any organization either at the start-up stage, entering in a new market or otherwise always needs to develop a tool to enable it to reach its desired goals. It must reflect the thoughts, feelings, ideas, and wants of the leadership and mould them along with the organization’s purpose, mission, and regulations into an integrated document. … Read more

Enterprise Risk Management

At Assure, we believe that your organization’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) activities must include continuous sharing of knowledge and information that describes the relationships among the following: The strategic enterprise objectives and activity level objectives of your organization; Downside risk: the inherent and residual nature of risks affecting the attainment of your objectives; Upside risk: … Read more

Risk Assessment / Gap Analysis

We recommend Risk Assessments to help organizations understand the risk as it stands in a client’s current environment. The assessments are customized for the needs and controls within a organization, this could include assessing your digital and physical environment depending on the regulatory requirements and standards. This will also help clients understand potential options and … Read more

Salary Benchmarking

Assure and its team of Compensation Specialists offer a complete range of services designed to ensure your firm’s compensation plans and structures are competitive, complete, current, and optimized. Leveraging our team of experts, paired with our market knowledge , we can provide your firm with the independent expert voice you need to validate your compensation … Read more

Performance Appraisal

In sophisticated, well-managed organizations, performance appraisal is the single-most powerful instrument that management has to mobilize the energy of every employee toward the achievement of strategic goals. Used poorly, performance appraisal becomes a dreaded annual exercise that is widely seen as a waste of time. But used well, the procedure focuses every employee’s attention on … Read more

Design Staff Incentive System

Given recent economic developments, many organizations are seeking ways to get away from an entitlement mentality and better use their limited funds to drive performance. As salary increases have shrunk or been frozen for most organizations, incentives have quickly become the most powerful tool to differentiate employees, drive performance and establish a clear link between … Read more

Vulnerability Penetration Testing

Information Security, especially Cybersecurity has been a top concern for most Board of Directors and ‘C’ Level Executives over the past several years.  Companies must proactively and comprehensively address their information security risks. Assessing your Company’s security vulnerabilities, identifying gaps and most importantly remediating them is a key to maintaining a good information security posture. … Read more

Forensic Audit/ Fraud Investigation

Forensic and fraud investigation services relate to the use of accounting skills to investigate fraud or embezzlement and to analyze financial information for use in legal proceedings. We can help you manage the risk and vulnerabilities that come from business corruption, fraud, and other threats. For starters, we can help analyze allegations of financial mismanagement, … Read more